Auto Coating

Laboratory Auto Coating Device
An indispensable device for coating process
For conventional coating process. The inconsistent coating speed always causes serious problems,regarding uneven quality. XIAMEN RAPID company successfully, researched and developed the AUTO-COATING DEVICE, which was designed to fulfill in every coating necessity, the best reproducibility.
The specimen is coated by spreading the coating paste regularly onto the carrying material. Then by simply pressing the button, the coating knife will be guided automatically over the carrying material.
Mainly Specification:
( 1 ) High grade stainless steel construction.
( 2 ) Coating Knife : A&B type 
( 3 ) Coating Speed : Adjustable 
( 4 ) Auto Stop : to and from 
( 5 ) Electricity : 220V x single phase
( 6 ) Accuracy : 0.01 mm(the coat thickness can be adjusted and read from measuring gauge)
( 7 ) Sample size : 33*43cm
Our LABORATORY AUTO COATING device can be used in combination with our laboratory MINI OVEN.The material carrier tor the fabric is designed to suite both machines. Therefore, the coated material can be chemically treated without any re-pinning.

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