Roll Mill



for Rubber/Plastic and Process Engineering

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Machine Description and Special features: -

(1)   Many years’ production experience results in a compact, streamlined machine body which facil­itates Installation and safe maintenance work.

(2)   Built-in driving unit, less space requirement. 6-pole electric motor using circular type reducer gives lowest noise level.

(3)   Rolls are hard-chromium plated, ground and polished, surface hardness 60 HRC or above (hardness depth approx 1.5 m/m) roughness height of 0.5 µ m.

(4)   Roll bearings are in the form of double-row Taper Self-Aligning Roller bearings. Roll precision allows sheeting-out thickness to 0.12 mm (thinner on request.)(4" Type are self-lubricated bushing Type).

(5)   The bearings are lubricated with a auto-lubricating system.

(6)   Specially produced Roll Mill prevents the two rolls from touching each other during operation.

(7)   An emergency safety device by a knee pedal to facilitate automatic stopping the machine and to enable the rolls to be reversed about 3/4 of the circumference.

(8)   Material guide plates produced of Teflon, heat and acid-resistant, no staining and will do no harm to the rolls as comparing with conventional bronze guide bars (Fig 3).

(9)   Maximum working temperature upto 240°С (eleciric heating system higher on request) most precise temperature control thanks to specialised heating systems. For electric heating, most precise automatic temperature controller and specially designed temperature sensors are used with accurate indication of working temperature to also allow tolerance of ± 2°C or less. This system is recommended comparing to oil heating for the reason of costs.

(10)Surface temperature deviations are ± 2°C(electric heating) and for oil-heating ±1°C


Machine Designation:-

Laboratory 2-Roll Mill capable to carry out the following


(1)   Pigment amalgamation test (mixing,masticating)

(2)   Hardness test

(3)   Stabilizing test

(4)   Physical and/or Chemical test

(5)   Various specific formulations and formula prepara­tions

(6)   Small output production operations



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