LABORTEKS Ltd.Şti. was established in 1996 and has always aimed to deliver the best and most functional goods in the service industry so as to serve the laboratory industry better.


The purpose of LABORTEKS Ltd.Sti. is to deliver quality and proper materials with its team of experts, as well as being a ‘‘MARKETING’’ firm open to technological advances, setting trends and representing professional firms in Turkey. It is a ‘‘SERVICE’’ firm which has a fast, economic and advancing sense of sales and improves its personnel continuously through regular training sessions. It is a ‘‘SALES’’ firm which follows the advances in the laboratory world and delivers the best to its customers. Briefly, as a company that cares about you, your analyses and the laboratory, the aim of LABORTEKS Ltd.Şti. is to deliver the best service with the right sales.


In 2013, we got the distributorship of the company RAPID in Turkey, thus being able to serve the TEXTILE industry in full capacity. While it is a fact that RAPID is a great company in the market with its long-lasting devices, it will become an even stronger company with this distributorship agreement.


We deliver a full package of products to the TEXTILE industry from incoming raw materials to final product quality control, including all quality control products, laboratory automation, laboratory devices, laboratory consumption materials, color analyses and color pantone.

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